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This is a wonderful and unique manual for Myofascial Stretching. The techniques were developed by the authors from their experiences and based on the Myofascial Release techniques that are usually not well documented. The authors have shared their secrets in these techniques. This is a gem. It is not only useful for therapists but also for everyone's own self-care. - K.S., Gainesville, FL

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We have made minor updates to Myofascial Stretching: A Guide to Self-Treatment and have released the 4th edition exclusively through Amazon Print-On-Demand. The benefit to you is that there is now FREE SHIPPING for hard copies of the book. It continues to be available as an e-book download through both Amazon and iBooks so that you can have your stretches with you on your device anytime and anywhere. Check out the links below for both versions of the book, balls, and a host of other Myofascial Stretching Tools with fulfillment through Amazon. Click here for more detailed information about the book.


Myofascial Stretching Book (Paperback)

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eBook - Myofascial Stretching Book (Kindle Version)


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Many of the techniques in the book require the use of a small inflatable ball to apply pressure into the fascial restrictions. Balls must be purchased separately. Through a lot of research and experimentation, we have found what we feel to be the highest quality, longest lasting 4" inflatable balls on the market. They are available through the link below.



Four inch inflatable ball for pain reduction to be used with Myofascial Stretching ball rolling and release techniques (2 Count)


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We have created a new group Affiliate Program through Amazon so that therapists may easily offer the books and other products listed here to their clients and earn commissions in the process.  Click here for more information.

In addition to the inflated balls, there are many other tools that we have found to be effective for releasing fascial restrictions. They are used in the same fashion as described in the book for the inflated balls. We have tried and love all of the products we are recommending. They are carried by other vendors on Amazon. The links below will take you to the product information page. 

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