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I recently developed pain on my left side that was characterized by intermittent spasms. After only one MFR treatment with Brenda, the spasms subsided. Her treatments along with the ball exercises in the book have provided me with significant pain relief.
- Marilyn B., Roselle, IL
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I recently developed pain on my left side that was characterized by intermittent spasms. After only one MFR treatment with Brenda, the spasms subsided. Her treatments along with the ball exercises in the book have provided me with significant pain relief.
- Marilyn B., Roselle, IL

Brenda was strongly recommended to me for motor skill problems as well as poor balance. After a complete evaluation she found that my posture was misaligned and I had many restrictions. I’d been told for 47 years that I walked like a duck, so it was refreshing to hear that someone could finally help me. My feet have straightened out. I can go up and down stairs without two-footing them. I am not constantly stumbling. What a change in my life! Since starting MFR treatments not only do I feel more physically balanced but I was not expecting that it would carry over into every aspect of daily life. I have the confidence to go out and do things I have never done before.
- Jo K.,. Aurora, CO

I came in with a searing migraine: nausea, fatigue, severe pain and left feeling rested and pain-free. The fact that so much pain relief could be obtained in just a few minutes time and with gentle pressure techniques was a revelation to me. It felt completely miraculous! I plan to make this therapy a more regular part of my pain relief strategy It is so much better than painkillers.
- Amy A. Littleton, CO

I recently started suffering from painful ovulation characterized by severe cramping and constant uncomfortable pressure on my bladder. After one MFR treatment by Brenda my symptoms were greatly reduced and went away completely in the next few days. Without MFR my symptoms have lasted as long as a week and a half every month.
- Amanda B., Houston, TX

Three years ago I suffered from adrenal fatigue. I was unable to return to work as a flight attendant due to my test results showing no significant improvement despite 9 months of rest and treatment. Brenda did intensive myofascial and visceral therapy on my adrenal glands in a 4 week period. The next time I took the saliva tests I had such a significant improvement that I was cleared to go back to work.
- Beth Jackson, Centennial, CO

My treatment with Brenda gave me pain relief from neck and back pain that I thought I would never experience. I thought I would just have to live with it for the rest of my life.
- J.R.S., Denver, CO

I very much appreciate the cranial and myofascial work you did on me in order to release my jaw. It had been out of alignment for more than a month and two chiropractors were unable to move it. Your overall approach of balancing the body on both sides and relieving pressure though manipulation of my inner jaw bone and ear helped to relieve the pain and release my jaw. I have been fine ever since. Thank you!
- Carol O’Brien, Littleton, CO

Six months after a severe sprain to my right ankle, I was still experiencing joint stiffness and a very limited range of motion. When I went to see Brenda I expected that I would have to see her several times, but after only one session the stiffness was gone and my ankle was completely normal.
- Marsha E., Lakewood, CO

I don't get as many headaches and the few I do get are not as intense now that my posture is more upright after about 8 sessions of Myofascial Release with Brenda.
- J. L., Parker, CO

It feels like my ribcage has more room for me to breathe for the first time since my lung surgery a couple of years ago.
- C. R.., Aurora, CO


We first saw Brenda when Hunter was just 18 months old. He had been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and was stiff and spastic through his lower body and arms, yet weak because the spasticity kept him from doing any strengthening exercises. From the very first session she got length and relaxation in his legs and better posture in his trunk. Hunter was immediately able to do more strengthening exercises with his PT. He has already bet every goal and prognosis doctors and therapists have set since then and continues to surprise us all. We can’t thank Brenda enough for giving Hunger this amazing tool for getting ahead of his condition. It has made everything we do for him more effective and we are so excited to see how far he’ll go now!

- Kristi Kozney, Arvada, CO

My legs really hurt sometimes. Mom says its "growing pains." MFR makes my legs feel better for months at a time.
- Michael R., Highlands Ranch, CO Age 14

I always know when my 12 year-old daughter's back is feeling tight and out of alignment after a fall in a ski race. She immediately asks to go to Brenda for a treatment
- Kelli K., Highlands Ranch, CO

It really works! Brenda knows how to make my back feel better
- Karagan K., Highlands Ranch, CO

Thanks, Brenda for your excellent work with our four-year-old, Tyler. He has made so much progress over the last few months with his sensory issues we can hardly believe it. Thanks especially for working on his neck and jaw when he was complaining of pain. Tyler loves pushing his big dump truck around the house but he had so much pain he would cry every time he tried to look down to push his truck. I felt so helpless watching my sweet little boy not want to play because it hurt too much. We saw significant improvement within 24 hours of that single session, and the pain has not returned even months later. What a difference it’s made for him!
- Molly S., Lakewood, CO

Miss Brenda, Thank you for helping my jaw and neck feel better. Its more fun to play with I feel good.
- Tyler S., Lakewood, CO

As an MFR therapist myself I’d tried everything I knew on my 5 year old son, who was CONSTANTLY clearing his throat. Tommy said it felt like something was pushing on it. This throat clearing had gone on for several months. Almost as a test to my belief in MFR, during the last month I took him to see a Chinese Medicine Practitioner who did acupressure and acupuncture (when he agreed to it, which he did fine with) three different times. Nothing changed. She wanted him to keep returning. I knew we were done. It wasn't working. Chiropractic and visualization strategies didn’t help either. Sound familiar?

I met Brenda, a gifted MFR therapist, when we attended a seminar together here in Illinois. She agreed to treat my son during a lunch break when my husband brought him to the conference site. Over lunch Brenda noticed that he cleared his throat about 10 times in the hour. (Not nearly as constant as on some days.) She worked on him for MAYBE 10 minutes and his throat clearing diminished significantly immediately. Now, a few days later, he clears his throat about 10 times a day versus 10 times every 15 seconds sometimes previously!! I am grateful and continually amazed at the authenticity of MFR. It's truly astounding. Thank you, Brenda!! You've made a world of difference.
- Jodi Pope-Hannan, LMT, MA, Island Lake, IL

Brenda Pardy, OTR
Southern Indiana Myofascial Release
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