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What a change in my life! Since starting MFR treatments not only do I feel more physically balanced but I was not expecting that it would carry over into every aspect of daily life. I have the confidence to go out and do things I have never done before.
- Jo K., Aurora, CO
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                    Brenda's Story from the Myofascial Stretching Book

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As an Occupational Therapist of fifteen years, I knew all about using good body mechanics. Despite this knowledge, I injured my back while lifting a heavy tote bag from an awkward angle. The next morning, I stood up and passed out from the pain of a bulging disc. I was sent home from the ER on painkillers and muscle relaxants for two weeks of bed rest. I began physical therapy three times per week, tapering off when I returned to work six weeks after my injury. I was discharged to a rigorous home exercise program after three months of traditional PT. Six months later I was quite pleased to be pain-free and able to move smoothly in all directions. I had expected to have back pain forever. The total cost of this injury including medical bills and lost wages was about $10,000.

I had been receiving fliers from John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Treatment Centers and Seminars. When the Pediatric Course came to Cheyenne, Wyoming I signed up. I practiced the techniques on friends and family members young and old with fabulous results, then began to integrate Myofascial Release into treatment sessions. My clients progressed more rapidly and maintained their gains more easily when MFR was part of their program. Needless to say, I signed up for more and more course.

When Jill Stedronsky and I crossed paths we began meeting weekly to trade treatments, study and consult. Jill helped me build my repertoire of self-treatment ideas. Then the inevitable happened. Toward the end of a fantastic day of downhill skiing with my husband, I fell on a steep, narrow run. I had to force my way up from a twisted position. As we drove home, the familiar twinges of back pain from fourteen years earlier returned. I stretched that night, but the next morning couldn’t get out of bed. In a panic I called my colleague, mentor and friend Jill. She talked me through a Myofascial Stretching protocol while flat on my back.

By noon I was moving slowly. After three treatment sessions with Jill and spending many hours stretching and using the inflated balls as described in this book, I recovered in less than a week without missing a day of work. There was an enormous savings in time and cost compared to my first injury. I was happy to escape the impact of living through months of pain, suffering and loss of function.

Always a proponent of home activities for my clients, my own experience of Myofascial Stretching took the academic concept to a much deeper level of understanding. I began in earnest to teach both adults and children how to release their own fascial restrictions, giving hand written instructions with my most artistic stick figures. One day Jill mentioned her desire to compile all the stretches she had learned, ones she developed herself and those I created into a usable format for our patients. I offered to collaborate on the project. The result is this book, which provides over 130 photographed Myofascial Stretching techniques to assist you in releasing your own fascial restrictions to achieve better health, alignment and function. You may not have to live with unceasing pain. I don’t. I’m glad you’ve decided to give Myofascial Stretching a try.

Brenda Pardy, OTR
Southern Indiana Myofascial Release
101 NW First St. Suite D
Paoli, IN 47454


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