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“Myofascial Release is often considered to be the missing link in problematic cases of pain and dysfunction.” - John F. Barnes, PT
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John's Foreword to the Myofascial Stretching Book

Self-treatment is a powerful way for patients to enhance their progress while receiving Myofascial Release (MFR) Therapy. After all, it was through exploration in treating my own back pain that I began to develop the MFR paradigm. In my Myofascial Release Seminars and Myofascial Release Treatment Centers, we teach self-treatment and encourage therapists and patients alike to take responsibility for their own healing. While our Myofascial Release Treatment Centers have developed handouts of individual stretches, until now there has not been a collection of self-treatment techniques in book form. It is exciting to see this project come to fruition.

Jill and Brenda are extraordinary therapists of the highest caliber and have done an excellent job capturing the essence of MFR principles and presenting the stretches with clear photographs and concise explanations. I envision therapists offering the Myofascial Stretching book to clients as an important part of their home programs. In addition, people with limited access to an MFR therapist now have a valuable resource guide to advance their own healing.

It is always a pleasure for a teacher to see his students grow and evolve. I am very proud of Jill and Brenda for their accomplishments and I highly endorse this book for anyone seeking the authentic healing that Myofascial Release has to offer.

John F. Barnes, PT
Myofascial Release Treatment Centers and Seminars


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