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“I would like to thank you for all the stretching that you do. It is because of your diligence that you have taught a large audience the benefits of self-treatment. That has been a huge gift to me. Love, - Deb Ferreira-Epstein, LMT, RM
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Introduction to the Myofascial Stretching Book

ShopMyofascial Stretching is a self-treatment technique that results in permanent lengthening of the body’s connective tissue and has the capacity to dramatically improve health and quality of life. It follows the principles of Myofascial Release (MFR), utilizing sustained pressure and active elongation into restrictions in the fascial system. Many of the techniques were developed by the authors while engaging in self-treatment or working with clients. Some are taught at the Myofascial Release Treatment Centers in Sedona, AZ and Paoli, PA. Other stretches may seem familiar to you, but are performed with Myofascial Release principles in mind. Two ways to do Myofascial Stretching are included: one uses a 4-inch inflatable ball and the other one utilizes active elongation of the muscles. These two methods complement each other. It can be very effective to first release an area of tightness with the ball and then follow up with an active stretch to that same region.

The book is divided into twelve sections relating to different parts of the body. This arbitrary division is for simplification in organizing the information. In treatment the body is always considered as a whole. Read the instructions to help you decide where to start. If you are still unsure of how to proceed, go to the chart on page 10 for ideas of which techniques may be related to your problem area.

While there is a narrative description along with each photograph, it is IMPERATIVE the reader study the information for releasing the fascial system described in the Frequently Asked Questions and Instructions. This stretching protocol will likely be very different from anything you have learned before. If done properly, it will result in permanent release of the fascial system, rather than temporary gains obtained through traditional stretching.

This book was written for the lay person who has chronic pain, muscular tightness or postural dysfunction. It was also designed for doctors and therapists to prescribe home exercise programs for their patients (and themselves!!!). When used alone this book can be a valuable resource for healing chronic pain. We would like to stress the benefit of receiving MFR Therapy from a skilled practitioner in order to experience the feel of the fascial system, to address areas that are difficult to release on your own and to receive insights and guidance into your particular condition. Myofascial Stretching also works well in conjunction with other forms of treatment you may already be receiving, enhancing their effectiveness. Treatment of the fascial system has often been found to be the missing link in healthcare. When fascial restrictions are identified and released, quantum leaps in healing can be achieved.


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