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The step-by-step instructions and clear photographs are easy to follow. Instead of calling my doctor when I have a new ache or pain, I look in the book and can often resolve the issue on my own. I highly recommend this book to family, friends and colleagues. - J. K., Aurora, CO
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Testimonials for the Myofascial Stretching Book

I have two bad shoulders, probably from an injury incurred in my mid 20's. Since doing away with my Celebrex a year ago, they seem to be worse (trouble putting my belt on, my jacket on, or pulling a sweater off over my head). My pain management doctor in Florida felt that it was not a rotator cuff problem but a labrum problem with my shoulder. My right shoulder in the last couple of weeks has been getting progressively worse to where I feel it's going to interfere with my golf swing if I didn't do something about it. So I pulled out this wonderful, magic book written by a Jill Stedronsky. After 15-minutes at the door jam and the corner of my bed, I feel a vast improvement. Nothing's going to stop my golf game now. That book and it's author should be on the Best Seller List.
- F.S., Naples, FL

Over the past year, even though I spend 45 minutes every morning doing yoga and somatic stretches and walk my 2 dogs every night 2+ miles, I was getting worse and worse. I could not even sleep at night with the horrible pain I had on both sides. My left side is worse than my right and my hips, buttocks, and legs were the most painful. I also had sciatica pain in my left groin and leg to my knee. I want you to know that I started first using the fitness tube and it was so excruciating painful I looked on UTube and found Dr. LaBauer who referred me to you both. I discovered what's been wrong with me for many years, as my muscles were so knotted I had very big hard ball-knots in my legs, buttocks, and hips. Your book is wonderful because of the stretches that you show after the muscles has loosened. First I want to thank you both, as I have worked diligently morning and night on working these knots out for 6 weeks now. I feel like a different person. I was in much more pain than I realized. I'm sleeping better also.Thank you for creating this wonder book, as it helps more than you probably hear.
- Karen

Jill, Elliot co-opted my yellow ball and started using it for his quadratus lumborum area and his pain is down to a 0.5! He said it is the only thing that has worked! So he uses it all the time. I guess when he gets a total release he won't have to use it.
As for me, I lay and did only one hour of neck and shoulder stretches, including the Jesus stretch, and I feel the best I have felt in my neck and shoulders for years! I could load and unload the dishwasher and the washing machine all before noon, which is how long it normally takes to limber up. This is unheard of! Hallelujah! Thank you Jill, you are the greatest!
- Rosalie M., MS, OTR, Roanoke, VA

Thank you for taking the time to write your book.  I use stretches from it daily and am always teaching my patients self treatment.    
- Jennifer Stuart, OTR/L, Goodyear, AZ

The Myofascial Stretching Book is a great resource for anyone that may eventually suffer from some sort of physical ailment, i.e. everyone. Whether you are just someone that has pain and would like to self-treat, or you are a therapist looking for a great resource to reference, this book will fulfill your needs. As a therapist, I have already been able to use this book both for self-treatment, and as a tool for my clients. Many people that need body work on a regular basis, simply don't have the time or money to go as much as needed...this is great for those people. The book can be used as a wonderful and safe way to bridge the gap between bodywork sessions, and to enhance the work that IS done. In my opinion this is one of a handful of books that should be on the shelves of every PT, OTR and LMT.
- J.L., St. Petersburg, FL

I am a Pilates teacher who came to the practice through the suggestion of my doctor to help me work through my own chronic pain. Pilates has been a tremendous help, but I am always searching for ways to achieve deeper releases into the body. Last year I discovered the "Myofascial Stretching Book". This book has given me a different perspective on stretching and the fascial system. I use this book regularly for myself and my clients. I have found that the Myofascial Stretches and following the principles of Myofascial Stretching can be much more effective than most traditional stretches. I highly recommend purchasing the yellow ball. A great tool in releasing fascial restrictions in the body. I take it everywhere.
- B.C., Denver, CO

Did you ever have a lingering, nagging pain and wish you just knew how to treat it yourself? "Myofascial Stretching" is your solution! Imagine going to your bookshelf, pulling out this book, checking the table of contents for the area of the body your pain is in, and following the simple instructions for the type of stretching you need to do to address your particular issue. The book is loaded with helpful pictures that fully illustrate the easy instructions. Lo and behold, you may well have saved yourself a trip to your chiropractor or therapist! And even if you do go to a health professional for your aches and pains, bring this book along. They can point out to you which stretches will be most useful for you to do between treatment sessions with them. This is one of those books that should be on everyone's home bookshelf as a valuable, self-healing resource, ready to refer to whenever you need it!
- L.W., Chicago, IL

One of my best investments has been Myofascial Stretching: A Guide to Self-Treatment by Jill Stedronsky and Brenda Pardy at www.myofascialstretching.com. I bought this when I had no income and started stretching everyday for at least one hour. I noticed lasting results about 2.5 months into it and since then the improvements keep coming and coming. :)
- B.H.

This book has the power to turn your body in a totally different direction. I have experienced back and neck pain for years and felt as if the healing that I needed to do was overwhelming in magnitude. This book gave me the power to really start to turn the tide in the direction of health and balance. I felt as if it gave me specific, easy to use, tools to really be in charge of my own healing and recovery. I highly recommend this book to everyone, whether you are interested in maintaining a high state of health or beginning a recovery program. Huge thank you to the authors who have applied their knowledge, intuition, and years of experience in such a comprehensive manner.
- J.J., Denver, CO

This book is very helpful in learning how to use Myofascial Stretching to improve range of motion and loosen the fascia. The explanations are clear and easy to follow, and the accompanying photos make it even easier. The index of stretches helps you to zero in the stretch you need. The principle of holding a stretch for at least two minutes is well explained. A great choice for professional and lay person alike.
- M.M., Ontario, Canada

This is a wonderful and unique manual for Myofascial Stretching. The techniques were developed by the authors from their experiences and based on the Myofascial Release techniques that are usually not well documented. The authors have shared their secrets in these techniques. This is a gem. It is not only useful for therapists but also for everyone's own self-care.
- K.S., Gainesville, FL

"Myofascial Stretching: A guide to Self-Treatment" has been one of the best books I have bought in the last couple years. I am a therapist that is always looking for books with good and usable exercises that my patients and myself can practice easily and about anywhere where you happen to be. This book was put together with great pictures and easy instructions. Well organized into sections that you can refer to depending if you have a specific problem or that you can use as a home program exercise book to keep yourself in good health. Congratulations to the authors, they did a great job! We needed something like this. Enjoy this book.
- M.L.P., Highlands Ranch, CO

Myofascial Stretching: A guide to Self-Treatment" has been a valuable companion in my Myofascial Release practice. My clients have found the stretches easy to perform and very beneficial. It is definitely a cost-effective means of improving your mobility, decreasing your pain, and taking back your quality of life. Myofascial Release is a powerful means of addressing pain-related issues that have not responded to other types of interventions. This book allows you to reap the benefits of Jill and Brenda's extensive experience as Myofascial Release therapists. The home stretches are well explained and demonstrated.

This book would also be valuable for people who are not undertaking Myofascial Release therapy. The stretches require no special equipment (other than the 4" ball for some of the stretches) and can benefit anyone. Highly recommended!
- W.F., Rochester, NY

I have a central herniated L4-L5 disc from lifting a patient back in July 1999, and Chronic Myofascial Pain from a fall in March 2001. I went to many different doctors before anyone would believe me other than my primary doctor. I have had several doctors state “It is all in your head. You need psychological and behavioral counseling because you’re a drug seeker.” 500-1000mg of vicodin a day is not a drug seeker! I have been kicked out of physical therapy twice due to no improvements within a month. Actually, I became worse with physical therapy. I found some relief with Aquatic (water) physical therapy for those with arthritis. I also found relief and made slow improvements with massage therapy with trigger point releases and general Myofascial Release. When life gets so bad I can barely walk. I had facet and lumber epidural steroid injections. I’ve racked up a large credit debt paying for massage and all the co-pays. To top it off, out of the past 24 months, I have been unemployed for a total of 18 months (all of 2009). I found a part-time job to help make up the differences in pay, just to find out unemployment takes half of what I made. I took the first full-time job offered to me at a car dealership. Unfortunately, after the first week I learned of the 53 plus hours per week work schedule. I do not regret the experience, but the hours killed me and I was fired for having a doctor’s 40 hour per week work restriction (I lasted 5 months). I went back on unemployment until I had to re-file and was denied twice, went before an Administrative Law Judge, thus 24 weeks with no income and I’m still feeling some of the ripple effects. I had a crash course in food pantries, food stamps, cash welfare assistance (singles with no children do not qualify), and borrowing money from family to have a roof over my head.

In late March, I came across Dan’s website (getwellhealed.com) while on MFRtalk and found a link for Brenda Pardy and Jill Stedronsky’s book Myofascial Stretching: A Guide to Self-Treatment. Reading the author’s bios on their website and having 2 pages of stretches, I felt okay with spending money I didn’t have. By the end of April, I was doing about 1 hr or more of self-treatment per day and 2 months later I was noticing improvements first in my hands and then in my arms. This is amazing!!!! I am constantly seeing improvements all due to self-treatment. I am here to say self-treatment does work and I’m living proof of that! Mid August, I used some of the unemployment back pay to receive 1 week of a mini-intensive and I love the results. I can stand up, move, and have gone back to just about everything I was doing a year ago (June 2008, was the best I had been since 1999). I still have a long way to go, but at least I’m feeling much better so I could decease or stop taking some of the meds. Plus, I’m now going back to school!
- Brenda H., New Boston, MI

Hi Jill,
I would like to thank you for all the stretching that you do. It is because of your diligence that you have taught a large audience the benefits of self-treatment. That has been a huge gift to me. Love,
- Deb Ferreira-Epstein, LMT, RM

Hi Jill and Brenda,
I had 2 clients today that wanted me to extend their gratitude and thanks for the Myofascial Stretching Book that you created. One client has been pain free for the first time after 6 years of chronic pain and Advil. Another client has had severe TMJ and is 80% better and your book has enabled both of them to take their self-treatment deeper and deeper.
I love it also! Thanks again for all the work that went into creating it. Always Peace,
- Christine Angel,CMT, MFR Therapist

I have been truly enjoying the new MFR stretching book by Jill and Brenda. I bought it a couple of weeks ago. Thank you ladies! It is wonderful! I don't have to "adapt" other books for clients so they have true MFR stretches to do. The photos are great, as well as the explanations for stretches. It is going to be a helpful tool for those of us who are interested in gentle FASCIAL stretching, for ourselves as well as the people we treat. Many of my clients are buying the book for x-mas presents for family and friends. And I have discovered some stretches that have helped me so much personally.
- Lori Johnson, LMT, Rockford, IL, MFR Therapist

I just wanted to thank you for the stretching book which I purchased while I was at MFR1 in Minneapolis last weekend. It is great. Thank you so much for all your work in doing the book!
- Marion, Massage Therapist, Ontario Canada

Someone recently recommended a book called Myofascial Stretching by Jill Stedronsky and Brenda Pardy. I ordered and WOW! It is great for us and our clients. Well written and the pictures are easy to follow. I am using it all the time for myself and explaining techniques to my clients on how to take care of themselves. I would highly suggest you look at their web-site, www.DenverMyofascialRelease.com and think about ordering it at least for yourself.
- Darlene M. Neff, LMT, MFR Therapist, Bettendorf, IA

I just received my copies of the Myofascial Stretching Book! I highly recommend it for all of us, therapist and client. Great way to do self-treatment as well as targeting specific issues with ourselves and clients. Lots of smiles in the demo photos of the different stretches, which I feel adds alot! Their web site to order is www.denvermyofascialrelease.com.
Always Peace, - Christine Angel, CMT, MFR Therapist

I have a copy of the book on Myofascial Stretching. I love the way it is written and the pictures that go along with it help to make the instructions very clear. It has helped me with a problem in my shoulder. Will be purchasing several for my clients.
Thanks Brenda & Jill
- Sarah Kamuf RN/LMT, MFR Therapist

The Denver therapists have created a stretching book. It is well written and has good pictures to help clients understand the idea of Fascial Stretching. A couple of my clients looked at the book and wanted their own copy. The book has made a difference in most of my clients lives.
Thanks again Brenda and Jill. A job well done.
- Debby Loberger, NCMT, MFR Therapist

Hello, Jill and Brenda. I have received MFR treatment and taken a few courses. I really enjoy your book. I purchased mine at Paoli and am so glad I have a copy both for myself and to show to people who are beginning their healing journey. Thank you and Happy Holidays!
- Ann Koven

I love your book. It is so helpful and user friendly. I would like to make it available to those who visit my website. I find the book to be a great resource and would love to share. Thanks for your time and for developing such a great resource.
- Renie Allen, CMT, Maine, MFR Therapist

Myofascial Stretching is a fabulous John F. Barnes MFR Self-Treatment book created by Brenda Pardy & Jill Stedronsky, of Denver Myofascial Release. I use it for myself and clients. The design & layout make it very easy to use by oneself. At the very least, the book will help you to stay motivated to keep stretching using the JFB-MFR Approach. It is full of photos of Jill and Brenda performing the stretches.
- Mary Ryan, CMT NCTMB, MFR Therapist

Finally a resource that truly helps to empower patients. Myofascial Stretching is a wonderful therapeutic tool and a valuable reference for therapists and patients alike. This easy to use book clearly explains and demonstrates effective use of treatment balls for release of myofascial tissues and structural balance. The innovative way these concepts are incorporated into daily activities makes the approach easy and effective. The techniques are an integral component of a comprehensive manual physical therapy program.
- Sandra Do, DPT, FAAOMPT, OCS, Owner/ Manual Therapy Associates, Inc.

As an athlete who runs half-marathons, I was doing fine with only minimal aches and pains. After purchasing Myofascial Stretching with the 4" ball and using them at my office, I run faster and feel looser and more fluid. My overall outlook on life has improved from doing these simple yet effective techniques every day. How can I not feel great about myself when I feel so good? I am using the ball as I write. Thanks to Jill and Brenda along with John Barnes for getting this message out to all.
- John M. Murphy, Information Technology Specialist

I use Myofascial Stretching exercises myself, with my Pilates students, and all my personal training clients. Everyone progresses exponentially from this unique approach to stretching.
- Katie Thornhill, BS, C-PT, PTA, CPI, Owner/Personal Pilates Plus, Inc.

The Self-Treatment Stretching Guide is a wonderful tool to help patients maintain benefits of Myofascial Release between treatments. The pictures and detailed instructions provide the clarity needed for patients to follow through on home programs. Jill and Brenda did a great job and people are loving it.
- Lorie Legatski, OTR, Owner/Therapeutic Relief, Inc.

The step-by-step instructions and clear photographs are easy to follow. Instead of calling my doctor when I have a new ache or pain, I look in the book and can often resolve the issue on my own. I highly recommend this book to family, friends and colleagues.
- Jo Klein, Fiber Artist, Educator

Breast cancer and surgeries left my body weak, in pain and dysfunctional. Despite working out with a personal trainer, I became more constricted and less flexible. My doctor suggested Myofascial Release. Jill treated me and gave me stretches from this book. I now have full, pain free range of motion and my self-confidence back. Myofascial Stretching was an important part of my rehabilitation and still makes a wonderful difference in my life to this day.
- Joan Gitchell, RN, MS, SNP, Retired School Nurse

Myofascial Stretching is extraordinary! You can practice it anywhere: at home, office, or a serene beach. Experience transformation thru elongation of the very fibers that embrace your soul. Myofascial Stretching facilitates a deeper connection with body, mind and spirit. I recommend it for everyone. This is truly a gift.
- Janet Nicole Sykora, MA, OTR, Owner/Medical Professional Connections, Inc., Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor, AAAI/ISMA

This book was the beginning of an awesome personal journey. I suffered with chronic pain for over 7 years before I stumbled across the book and one of its authors. I am fortunate enough to meet personally with one of the authors, but in between my visits I regularly rely on the stretching techniques contained in this manual/book. As one of the other reviewers noted, it is a blessing to be able to go to your own bookshelf, grab a book. and alleviate your own pain or tension. With the new ability to self-manage my own pain through these Myofascial Release techniques, I have experienced great mental and physical growth. Jill, thank you from my mind, body, and soul!
- Alyson K.., Denver, CO

Thanks to Jill and Brenda as well for their awesome work, putting the MFR stretching book together!
It remains a constant tool for care for myself and my clients.
- Jennifer Wiegand, LMP NCTMB

I have always done a lot of stretching, but there was one spot in my low back, that I just could not find the right exercise to relieve. My job is to run the printing press at Cottrell’s Printing and one day the job I was assigned was a book called Myofascial Stretching. As the pages came through the press I started reading the introduction. I was intrigued and watched page after page of stretching techniques come out of the press. When it came to the low back section, I really started to pay attention. The directions were easy to follow and the pictures self-explanatory. That evening I started doing the exercises I’d read about at home and felt relief at once. I was able to get to that spot that no other exercise reached. I do the stretches regularly and have no more pain!
- James Stevenson,Centennial, CO

I have been using the Myofascial Stretching Guide for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and neck and shoulder pain for three years. The stretches in section two and three have reduced swelling, numbness and pain in my hands, shoulders and neck. I have days when I wake up and my hands are swollen and tingling. I just lay with my arms hanging off the side of the bed and the tingling and swelling goes away. The muscles in my neck loosen up and it helps relieve headache pressure. I also lift heavy boxes for a living and the arm stretches have helped with the tightening in my shoulders. The stretches are like a self massage and helps relax and loosens the muscles. This technique has saved me from painful surgery!
- Angel C., Seymour, IL



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