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The Myofascial Stretching Book is a great resource for anyone that may eventually suffer from some sort of physical ailment, i.e. everyone. Whether you are just someone that has pain and would like to self-treat, or you are a therapist looking for a great resource to reference, this book will fulfill your needs. -J.L., St. Petersburg, FL

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                Myofascial Stretching: A Guide to Self-Treatment
is a unique manual of techniques that results in permanent lengthening of the body's connective tissue and dramatically improves health and quality of life.

John F. Barnes, PT, the developer of Myofascial Release, says this of the book:

Jill and Brenda are extraordinary therapists of the highest caliber and have done an excellent job capturing the essence of MFR principles and presenting the stretches with clear photographs and concise explanations. I highly endorse this book for anyone seeking the authentic healing that Myofascial Release has to offer.   Read entire quote.           


Myofascial Stretching is an exceptional method of self-treatment based on the principles of Myofascial Release (MFR) as developed by John F. Barnes, PT. The techniques employ sustained pressure using a small inflated ball and active elongation into restrictions in the fascia.

Carpal Tunnel Self-Treatment

If you have ever experienced sharp, shooting pain from your wrist into your hand, or numbing or tingling after overusing your hands or wrists, then you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. This is an ailment that occurs from the overuse of the median nerve, resulting in pain and discomfort. This is common in writers, secretaries, and other people who spend a lot of their time on the computer. Surprisingly, this is also common in new mothers, because the pressure used to pick up a baby often puts a lot of pressure on the median nerve. You may have looked into carpal tunnel treatment but felt discouraged with the fact that there isn’t a whole lot you can do to fix it, other than extreme measures, such as surgery. However, there is a solution you may not be aware of called Myofascial Stretching. It has been shown to be very effective in dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome and is safe, effective, and does not cause pain.

A great benefit to this carpal tunnel treatment is that you are not treating the symptoms, but addressing the cause of the problem. People who rely on anti inflammatory medication or hand braces are only taking care of the symptoms, which are very likely to come back as soon as the hand brace or medication is no longer being used. The symptoms can also return after surgery because only part of the problem was addressed. Oftentimes the true cause of the pain is stemming from the neck or shoulder area, not just the wrist. Myofascial Stretching gets to the root of the problem, meaning that it can help you become pain free. This technique can be of great benefit to anyone suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

While the Myofascial Stretching Book is a self-treatment guide to help relieve a variety of pain issues, it can be a particularly helpful Carpel Tunnel Treatment, with extensive stretches included for hand, wrist, arm, shoulder and neck. Click here to learn more about the Myofascial Stretching Book. Please try these exercises before considering surgery.

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