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The Myofascial Stretching Book is a great resource for anyone that may eventually suffer from some sort of physical ailment, i.e. everyone. Whether you are just someone that has pain and would like to self-treat, or you are a therapist looking for a great resource to reference, this book will fulfill your needs. -J.L., St. Petersburg, FL

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                Myofascial Stretching: A Guide to Self-Treatment
is a unique manual of techniques that results in permanent lengthening of the body's connective tissue and dramatically improves health and quality of life.

John F. Barnes, PT, the developer of Myofascial Release, says this of the book:

Jill and Brenda are extraordinary therapists of the highest caliber and have done an excellent job capturing the essence of MFR principles and presenting the stretches with clear photographs and concise explanations. I highly endorse this book for anyone seeking the authentic healing that Myofascial Release has to offer.   Read entire quote.           


Myofascial Stretching is an exceptional method of self-treatment based on the principles of Myofascial Release (MFR) as developed by John F. Barnes, PT. The techniques employ sustained pressure using a small inflated ball and active elongation into restrictions in the fascia.

Plantar Fasciitis Self Treatment Book

Ask anyone and they will agree that no kind of muscle pain is preferable over another kind. All of it is unpleasant and unwanted, adding discomfort and stress to our lives. However, it might be possible to agree that any pain which restricts your movement is the very worst. Plantar fasciitis is one of these types of pain.

The plantar fascia is the scientific name for the ligament on the bottom of the foot, and the inflammation of this ligament most often causes pain centered in the heel, though it can permeate the whole foot. This can be caused by any number of things, such as increased activity, weight gain, or simply growing older.

Self Treatment Book

If you suffer from this form of muscle pain, a plantar fasciitis self treatment book might be just the tool you need to successfully cope. Foot pain can hold us back in so many aspects of life and being able to deal with it on your own, on the spot, will be both useful and freeing. It is not just a simple inconvenience, either.

Left untreated, this inflammation of the tendon can lead to knee problems in the future. Your plantar fasciitis self treatment book will help you prevent this outcome by teaching you stretches that, while being gentle and safe for any activity level, are also effective.

When repeated over time, these stretches will improve your pain in a significant and lasting way, allowing you to easily move through life.

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